Dog Tag Engraving

In our offer we also have engraved Dog Tags. Those DogTags are personalised with engraving method. We are using specialised machine for personalising DogTag that is engraving by impact method. Our Dog Tags are very high quality. Its surface is highly polished. Those are jewellery DogTags. During personalisation process we can use different fonts as well as other specific symbols. If you are interested in engraving special pictures ( your favourite football club badge ) or any other unusual objects please let us know. 

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Dog Tag Engraving Rhoduim Plated
Dog Tag Engraving Rhoduim Plated. Rhodium is a special metal and member of the platinum group. It is..
Dog Tag Engraving Gold Plated
Dog Tag Engraving Gold Plated with 24 carat gold. Long lasting. Personalisation on request with impa..