Dog Tag Silencers

Here we have to offer Dog Tags silencers made off silicone. They are anti-allergic, not toxic, safe to use. Those silencers are protective part of DogTags. They are placed on Dog Tag to avoid noises of while you are walking. As we know during military operations soldier have to be as quiet as possible. Silencers are available in different colours such as: black, blue, red, camo green, camo pink, white, yellow etc. If you are looking for specific colour do not hesitate to contact us.

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Black  Silencers
Black DogTags silencers are the most popular colour of silencers for Dog Tags. ..
Red Silencers
Red Dog Tags silencers are very popular in medical alert Dog Tags. Very vivid colour. 100 % silicone..
Camo Green Silencers
Camo Green Dog Tags is military style colour. Very popular for survival play games, paint ball clubs..
Blue Silencers
Blue Dog Tags silencers are well used colour of silencers for Dog Tags. They are made of safe for he..
Rainbow Silencers
Rainbow Dog Tags silencers are used by many people. Warmly recommended. ..
RBW Silencers
RBW Dog Tags silencers. Name comes from its colour : Red, Blue and White. Nice, vivid colours. ..
Vulcan Silencers
Vulcan Dog Tags silencers have very interesting mix of colours. Really recommended. Anti- allergic a..
German Silencers
German Dog Tags silencers are similar style as German flag. It may be use for other style. Silencers..
Camo Pink Silencers
Camo Pink Dog Tags silencers are very popular for women. This add to jewellery will well composed wi..