Dog Tags Embosseed

In this category we would like to offer typical military Dog Tags. Those are the same DogTags as used in many armies on the world. Personalisation process take place by embossing method. It is the same method used in army. It is very durable method. Personalisation is well visible. Components used to Dog Tag production are the same as in US army. Machine that personalise is also the same as military machines used in army. You can choose DogTags made from different materials. There are stainless steel shiny Dog Tags, dull Dog Tag, brass DogTags and black Dog Tags made off anodised aluminium.

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Shiny Dog Tags
Embossed Shiny DogTags are highly recommended for stag and hen parties, church groups and medical al..
Dull DogTags
Embossed Dull DogTags are the same Dog Tags as in Army. Colour dull are used to avoid glance during ..
Brass DogTags
Embossed Brass DogTags. Beautiful set contains of two dog Tags, two silencers (optional black) and t..